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Villa G.

  • Client Private
  • Usage Residential
  • Scope Interior Design, furnishing, furniture Design, styling
  • Location Munich
  • Year 2021

Welcome to our latest interior project, where we transformed a modern house with exposed concrete walls into a true home for a vibrant family of four. Our approach was not only to create an aesthetically pleasing design but also to craft a space that truly reflects the daily life and needs of our clients. The open floor plan spans the entire floor, and we opted for an unconventional yet highly practical solution: Why not place the sofa next to the kitchen block? This approach allows guests to relax on the sofa with a glass of wine while lively cooking and entertaining take place in the open kitchen. The homeowners’ response was overwhelming, as this idea is not only functional but also extremely social.

Our goal is to reflect the connection between the spaces and the residents

For this project, we designed our CROSS dining table with space-saving stools, perfect for a quick breakfast or for children to do their homework. This creates numerous small oases that bring every corner of the room to life.

We’ve transformed the former living room into a spacious dining area. Now, our specially designed dining table, BIG BOI, crafted from smoked oak with a generous diameter of 190 cm, takes center stage. It provides ample space for both the extended family and friends.

Whether it’s our stainless steel sidetable SHAPE next to a 70s armchair or another vintage discovery with a window seat in the front row – each space has been meticulously designed with attention to detail to create a welcoming ambiance.

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