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designer and founder
Andrea Harbec

In your own words, who or what is .PEAM?

A.H. .PEAM stands for interior consulting, interior concepts and a distinct living experience. And, for our own interior line; my collection includes steel and wooden furniture as well as home accessories made by craftsmen and artists of the Bavaria and South Tyrol regions. I distribute them through my shop soon, along with other products from select manufacturers such as Bauhaus ceramics by Hedwig Bollhagen or design classics by Niels Otto Møller. 

PEAM project About

That means .PEAM also stands for a very specific style? 

A.H. Yes, absolutely — but for a style that is rather felt than explained. The core philosophy that shapes all our commissioned work and pieces is a concept of calmness. With the colors and materials we use, we create a contrast to our hectic and digital environment. Thus, .PEAM stands for sustainable, natural design, and an interior that creates a platform for people to flourish. Good design should step back and not push itself into the foreground. And because it should still preserve value years later, I work with materials that age well: Wood, leather, steel, and many old and new classics that aren’t as well known yet, but often have a great story.

PEAM project About
PEAM project About

The philosophy of .PEAM?
A concept of calm.

PEAM project About

Who is .PEAM’s proposal directed toward?

A.H. To those who simply desire this: to come home to their own calmness, and to the fact that the interior radiates a visual balance. With our interior design concepts and the elements we use – be it pieces from the .PEAM collection, select vintage design classics, or sustainable and natural materials in general – we address people who prefer to invest in a long-term, high-quality design for their home instead of fast-moving trends. A good indicator of whether one feels comfortable in the “.PEAM world”, is certainly a visit to our Starnberg showroom. Here it’s quite easy to experience what kind of homeliness and atmosphere we stand for. Time after time, I have experienced how customers enter the showroom, take a deep breath, and say: “Yes, that’s exactly it!”

PEAM project About

Suppose I commission .PEAM to design my home — what is the project’s process? 

A.H. That can vary. Sometimes, we work step by step with our client to create and execute the concept. However, it often happens that in this process they give us a carte blanche of sorts and leave all steps to us. Precisely because we stand for a very clear and unambiguous style you can trust. The planning and conception are then up to me as the designer, as is the sourcing of the suitable furnishing — right down to tracking the accurate vintage pieces. For a perfect outcome we always partner together with other experts — for example with professional lighting designers.

Felt rather than explained.

PEAM project About

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