Big Boi 13.500 EUR
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Big Boi .PEAM

Big Boi .PEAM
.PEAM solid wood dining table Big Boi

Big Boi

13.500 EUR
inkl. USt.

Our solid wood table, BIG BOI, carved from smoked oak, isn’t just furniture – it’s a piece of nature. The hand-turned and uniquely arranged table legs echo the organic feel of tree trunks, showcasing PEAM’s distinctive style.

Leading time
8-10 weeks
Solid smoked oak
Additional materials available upon request
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With a generous 190 cm diameter, BIG BOI becomes the heart of the home, comfortably seating 10-12 folks and transforming into the ultimate gathering place for friends and family. The gentle curves and special textures don’t just invite you to use the table; they encourage you to feel it with your hands. This table isn’t just an object; it’s a testament to the seamless blend of craftsmanship and nature. Every step in the making adds to its unique character. Dive into a perfect blend of humanity, nature, and design with our table, and create a space that’s not just inviting – it’s alive.

A table as the center for gatherings.

Big Boi forms a vibrant connection to nature with hand-turned and asymmetrically arranged table legs, reminiscent of the unique structure of tree trunks.

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Big Boi

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